Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Re-Mod the Retro Mod.
I am looking for a new owner for my much loved Club Fuji. This is a retro-mod. It is 61cm with a traditional horizontal top tube at 57.5cm. Classic styled downtube Dura-Ace shifters(7700) with Ultegra Drivetrain(6500) and Brakeset(6500). FD is Dura Ace and RD is Ultegra. If you want a handbuilt premium steel road bike that rides like butter and is uber comfortable for long rides with modern efficiency then this bike is for you.

This is a 1987 Japanese bike, the premium sought after efficient steel riding perfection classed out with modern Japanese components. READ SLEEPER BIKE. Forget riding a modern bike with a huge drop from the top of the saddle to top of the stem, get comfy and ride harder and longer.
See some of the great photos here, click to enlarge.


The bike has changed from when it was on my blog. More Ultegra 6500 parts were added along with Dura Ace pedals(7700). Super smooth with new Ultegra HG93 chain and Ultegra 6500 cassette. Rear wheel recently rebuilt for years of reliable service. Nitto B115 bar and Nitto stem with Hatta Vesta headset. If you can find a more comfortable and efficient bike for less BUY IT!

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luke said...

how much are you looking to sell it for?