Sunday, January 10, 2010

Columbus SLX and SPX

I pulled the BB and checked the down tube, seat tube and chainstays how Dave Moulton recommended. 6 raised spirals. It is a dirty job but now the tubing has been revealed.

Check out the vintage Serotta decals on the pearlized white and the ornate lug work. Anyone know what the two tapped holes were used for on the drive side Campagnolo drop out?



Doug said...

Hey Eric, the holes in the dropout are for an 80s Campy doodad called the Porta Catena. A bracket sort of thing screwed to the inside of the dropout and paired up with a special rear shifter. There was a catch at the base of the shifter that allowed it to move further down/forward and the chain shifted onto the bracket. You could remove the wheel without touching the chain... Doug

Eric said...

I should have known that you would have the answer. One more mystery solved.