Friday, December 22, 2006

Pretty Purple
This Classic Bianchi is not plum or burgundy it is straight purple. Geoff brought this to the shop today and we finished a quick fixie conversion for this classic Tange steel ride. Nothing looks better with purple than gold anodized rims, nice touch. It is off for another 20 years for this fine fixie. Enjoy the ride Geoff!

Friday, December 01, 2006

57cm Nishiki Cresta

In a similar design of a Matt Chester Utiliman or Surly Crosscheck, this Nishiki Cresta is the last of some fine fixed gear bicycles coming out of my shop this year.

  • Based on a Nishiki Cresta touring bike handcrafted by Kawamura with classic lugged construction
  • Tange Double Butted chrome-moly steel tubing
  • Suntour dropouts and fork ends
  • Flat crowned beauty with cantilever brakes
  • This is a frame designed to be ultrastable for the long haul and has enough BB drop to handle well off-road as well.
  • It is geared 40x16 with steel front chainring(no high torque flex)
  • New steel track cog
  • New chain with quick connector for easy cleaning
  • Compact crank 165mm(110 BCD)
  • UN72 cartridge bottom bracket with single chainring bolts
  • Sella San Marco perforated saddle
  • Dimensions are 57.5cm seat tube (center to top)
  • Identical length 57.5cm top tube (center to center)
  • Long chain stays
  • Wheels are 27 inch and in great condition
  • New GT2 27x 1 1/8 rubber
  • New brake cables and housing and bar wrap
  • Enjoy the pictures below, click to enlarge.

    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Shimano Flight Deck Computer for your fixie.
    I was curious to see if I could set up a Flightdeck computer on my commuter fixie. I came up with a great way to make this happen for less than $20. I took the computer off my road bike and reprogrammed it so that large chainring and rear cog were the first gears on the display, and put in random stuff for the other gears. I then took an XTR sensor kit and installed it on my bike. The XTR kit has shifter connection sensors that can be twisted to read your CORRECT gear on the computer. Then it just takes mounting the button pad and hiding the gear sensors under the bar. This approach would work with single speed as well and give you a virtual cadence with single speed drivetrain or true cadence with fixed gear. Cool Huh! I have the sensor wiring kits available for $16.99 which does not include the computer.

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    What a great way to save an old bike.
    So many of the 70's, 80's and early 90's road bikes are just collecting dust somewhere as they fell out of favor and are destined to the longest waiting queue. Will they find their way to the dump, get donated, sold at garage sale, or restored to live in glory.

    Converting an old bike into a fun fixed gear seems like a great way to give these orphans another shot at getting out on the road.

    I was wondering what I could do to make this happen. I could continue to build complete bikes, but with three kids and riding aspirations of my own, it is damn near impossible to save all the bikes that I would like to.

    What if I developed a fixed gear kit and did the initial setup and let the owner finish the bike with their own flair.

    The fixed gear kit includes a redished, recentered rear wheel, with a new cog installed. The chain is included, and single chainring bolts, and crank bolts. The labor included is setting up the rear wheel, and installing the new drivetrain.

    I was thinking $120 as an even number. You provide the bike and I provide the Fixed Gear Kit, FGK and all the magic is free.

    Of course exceptions will be required, and a matching 700c front wheel would be available for $40 more. This kit would work for all road bikes(with 700c and 27 inch wheels) with horizontal dropouts and a road standard 130 BCD crank.

    I was thinking I could include assembly tips and tricks on the blog for free. Fixed Gear Bicycles for the masses. Yee Ha!

    Take a look at what I did for Marc with this Nishiki. I could do it for you too.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Follow your folly.

    Mine is creating unique fixed gear bikes.

    I think some real joy is found from the pure experience of riding off-road on a comfortable and enjoyable bicycle. I am creating the "new" next thing in mountain biking, after the 29r is worn and tired, Mountain Cruisers will re-inherit the trails and rule again.

    Mountain Cruiser is a classic mountain bike simplify the drivetrain even further to get a Mountain Cruiser.

    Oh yeah, it is 4130 Chromoly steel and entire bike and fork is chromed.
    I rode the bike twice since the conversion and it is now ready for a new owner.

    New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire embellishments:
    Bottle Cap bar end plugs
    headtube sticker
    Left and Right handed bottle openers on rear stays
    Double Barrel Bottle cages on the down tube

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    1987 Schwinn World Tourist Fixed Wheel Single Speed

    How can it be a Fixed Wheel and a Single Speed capable of coasting? Hmmm...Thanks to a Shimano Front Freewheeling System(FFS) which was an abandoned technology which put the freewheel mechanism in chainrings up front instead of in the rear wheel. The idea at the time was to allow gear changes even while coasting. This lugged beauty is fully fenderized with curvy city bars and a 46x17 drivetrain. Coasting initiates a loud ratchet from the chainring and integrated chainguard with a weird 'this bike is pedaling itself' type motion.

    The 5 speed gear cluster and Positron rear derailleur and shift levers were removed and the bike seemed relieved.

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Letters Home

    In Emergency
    "The bike is amazing. I got some new pedals for it before I hit the road, and I haven't had this much fun on a bike since I got my first Huffy as a kid. Thank you so much! Jason"

    Le Tour III
    "Hey Eric, Just thought I'd give you a little update on the Le Tour III. I've been riding it tons. The gearing is just right. It's nice on the strand, but climbs BIG hills nicely when pumping. ... I threw on some color-coordinated old school Oury grips, some new rubber, and some BMX pedals. I've gotten a few streetside compliments. Thanks for pushing me towards riding fixed. I'm digging it. ... -Tom"
    photos included

    87 Super Sport
    Neal in Florida writes. "the best fixed gear ever thanks a million trillion"
    Good use of brevity, thanks Neal.

    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    IN EMERGENCY >>>>Ride This...

    The vintage Trek 330 Elance is ready to ride. Reynolds 531 steel frame with chopped and flipped bars. New kevlar folding tires and hand built wheels with Mistral M13 rims, DT spokes, and Shimano 600 hubs. Shimano 600 BB and crank. Selle San Marco perforated leather seat and red and black camo bar wrap. Drivetrain is 44x16 and this beauty is headed to live free in Tucson with Jason.

    I am taking a bit of a break from working on the fixies until my son is born. I already have 2 daughters the son to be makes three, AWESOME! Here's to July...

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    1987 Schwinn Super Sport.

    This may be the nicest condition 20 year old bike I have ever seen. Tons of absolutely original components from the Shimano 600 line. This beauty is Colombus Tenax tubing and the lugs are gorgeous. The Italian influences don't stop there with Cinelli 64-40 bar and 120mm stem. French Rigida rims, SX100, in black heat treated that show almost no brake wear, I love Arizona bikes! This is my tendonitis special for the Jan Ullrich diesel types, geared with a 55X16 if you get these 170mm cranks up to 100 rpm you will be flying. Owner will get to select gearing, alternate chainring is 44T with choice of rear cogs (15,16 or 17). You can really enjoy muscle building workouts with this huge gear, just make sure you have some bags of peas ready in the freezer. The bike is a 58cm c-t of top tube with a 56cm top tube. Non-original components include Tioga brake lever covers, ProLite titanium railed saddle, and new S60-K kevlar tires 700x23. I have a complete Shimano 600 Retro kit for the bike as well, with original derailleurs, shift levers, Bio-pace double chainrings. The new owner of this ride will get a limited edition Brazen Cycleworks polo with purchase, S,L and XL available.

    Super Sport pictures of real Schwinn quality.

    More Super Sport Photos.