Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Check out this Share the Damn Road website. they have some interesting jerseys used to communicate a message to car drivers.

It is a novel approach. Will it work? Dunno but I like the 3 Feet version.

Which is your fav?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do you ever enter a contest, get busy and forget all about it?

Me too. I entered one from PBK, Pro Bike Kit for a simple T-Shirt design. Who knew, I must have been having a good day or got really lucky. Either way I must have struck a cord with other riders, because I got the second highest number of votes.  My blog comment was turned into this...



Granted I only won a T-shirt, but the feeling was much more valuable. It was like the first time I won back more money than my entry fee at a Cat. 4 criterium. $12 wasn't much, but that day I got paid to ride my bike.

Simple things.

As for PBK, if you haven't shopped with them yet, let me tell you they are great. They are much better than most of the US online retailers. They can tell you what is in stock before you order and have email notifications for when stuff comes back in stock. Right now they have free US shipping. and their prices are great too. I don't gush over online retailers much, but these guys are setting a high bar for others to aspire to.

Feeling lucky this year too?

I have run this blog without advertisers since I started it.  Pro Bike Kit.com is one of my new favs and you will see their banners on my blog as I am now an affilate.  They are worth the try, as I have used lots of online retailers over the years and these guys get it right and are running one of the best out there.