Friday, April 09, 2010

I got outed for a prank listing on Phx Craigslist when BSNYC included my listing in a Friday Fun quiz.

Here is my Fake POST I placed on Craigslist inspired by BSNYC on Wednesday.


I got this bike shipped to me from my parents, little did they realize I had already bought a folding bike which is much easier to get up the stairs in my apartment.

I assembled it and it is ready to ride fixed speed. Comes with freewheel, but you can install a track cog. Includes brakes, but I doubt you will need them if you have a track cog. Would look cool with Pink Oury grips.

Willing to trade for Calculus or Physics texts that I need for next semester. Whatcha got?

I am also a bit dismayed where fixed gears and ..., gulp, fixed gear culture have gone in the last two years. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the hell out of riding mine. I also enjoy the Craigslist-Bicycles culture and getting indignant and revealing responses from CL trollers.

Enjoy the responses from my recent CL post of BSNYC's Mongoose Cachet.

Thats a piece of shit walmart bike.
I'll give you $50 for it today. -Ken

Hey just letting you know, that this bike can be bought brand new for $150.. So. You're asking of $300, well is a rip-off. What's the lowest you'll take for it? -Mike

Sorry to break your bubble, but you're currently asking twice the price that this bike is worth new.  Don't think you'll get any buyers at $300  -Teddy

not sure if you're aware, but that bike retails for just $149.99 brand new~  -Andrew

do you still have the bike?  -Ryan

this is that walmart bike right? so its only a single speed?  -James

This bike is $150 new. There's been a lot of buzz about this one and I'm curious about it.  I'll trade you my physics textbooks for it. I have everything for PHY 101 at ASU including the conceptual fundamentals manual.  -Kyle

It isn't the first time I had fun on CL Phoenix.  If you enjoyed the Cachet posting you will enjoy this more. Sometimes it is not easy to sell fixed gear conversion frames as you would think.

CL produces characters, need proof?

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Bradley said...

you are not funny. none of the CL trolls were funny.

Eric said...

You may think it is not funny, but I do.

I am not familiar with other CL trolling you spoke of. Please share I could use another laugh.

It seems like harmless fun to me.

Nagolnaw said...

How are these trolls? Maybe they want to buy a bike... you know, from the Craigslist bikes section. Where people sell bikes.

Christopher said...

You and Carlos Mencia should get together... you're both so original!!!!!

I am the engine said...

That is the best, you are a true genius. Even after the shitty review by BS, explaining how crappy the bike is, people were still willing to give you good money or text-books for it.
Call a piece of shit "fixed gear" and somebody will respond. Fucking Brilliant.

MB said...

It's one thing to pull off pranks well (see, it's another to be unnecessarily irritating on a public forum with a poorly-conceived-and-executed hoax. Why contribute to the ruination of one of the few truly great online services?

Anonymous said...

No you have not made. This is boring.

Eric said...

This post of the Mongoose Cachet shows where Fixed Gear hype is at. Now sold at all 3 Walmarts of Cycling (Performance, Nashbar and Walmart itself). I could have likely sold the bike many times over, which cracks me up and tells you alot about fixed gear buyers. I am all for sharing the sport I love, but these bikes will leave a NEWBS hating it. I have to laugh at all the INFORMED ILLUMINATI OF CL ready at their keyboards to correct posters pricing and provide their personal review even though they are NOT EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTED IN BUYING.

They are trolling CL bikes looking for an opportunity to show off their knowledge of everything from Nagasawa to NJS stamps. Too Much...

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Would be funnier if you could actually write in a satirical or ironic way. You have nothing, other than a bad one liner prank.