Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yes I am that guy on eBay

Hey Eric are you the same Brazen_Cycle_Works on eBay?

I do get this question a lot, and yes I buy and sell on eBay under that user name.  I used to sell much more on ebay, but the fees between Paypal and eBay have gone out of control.  It is difficult to pass on really great deals when ebay takes such a generous cut for themselves.  I have turned to Craigslist > Phoenix> East Valley to sell which has been nice, but I rarely list items for sale on my blog.

If you see an item I am selling I can make you a very competitive offer, so feel free to email me directly, with your phone number and how I can help.  Spammers and scammers don't do this so I will know you are serious. I would be happy to give you a prompt call.

Item number: 280882623955

Thursday, March 07, 2013

American Picker- Eric goes Free Stylin'

I was minding my own business today at lunch when I stumbled into a FREE STUFF Craigslist ad that read.  Old bikes kids & adults.  I looked at the pictures and recognized a early Specialized Stumpjumper and Schwinn Sierra.  These are normally snapped up instantly but I emailed first to let the seller know the bike was valuable.  Then, I thought maybe she just wanted the bikes gone, so I emailed again that I would pickup the bikes in 15 minutes and bring her $20.  My phone rang 10 minutes later.  I explained that the bike she had was valuable and I fix and restore bikes and would be willing to fix and sell the bike and we could split the proceeds.  She declined but was interested in the 20 bucks.  15 minutes later I was the new owner of a 83/84 Specialized Stumpjumper.  The bike wasn't perfect or completely original, but pretty close.

Non original components include Tires, Freewheel, Chain, Rear Derailleur, Thumb shifters, Grips.  Here is the specs from MOMBAT on this bike. My Components are BOLDED.

Year, Model, Frame, Fork, Headset, Rear Derailleur, Front Derailleur, Hubs, Rims, Tires, Brakes, Brake Levers, Crank, Pedals, Shifter, Bars, Freewheel, Stem, Color

1983, Stumpjumper, Tange Cro-Mo, DB Cro-Mo, Channel Seal, Suntour Mountech, Suntour Mountech, Specialized sealed, Araya 7X, Stumpjumper, Mafac canti, Tommaselli, Sugino AT triple 26/36/46, Suntour XC I, Suntour thumb, Ritchey bull moose, Suntour 5 13/30, NA, Blue

1984, Stumpjumper OS, Cro-Moly, Cro-Mo, Suntour LeTech, Suntour LeTech, Specialized sealed, Saturae anno, Tri-Cross, Shimano Deore XT, Tommaselli Sugino, TAT 26/36/46, Suntour XC II, Suntour thumb, Specialized Mod IV, Suntour NW 13/30, Slingshot alloy

This is going to make a nice addition to someone's collection.

 photo photo5_zps4d70631d.jpg