Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nike: Find Your Greatness

On the eve of the Olympics, Nike is pouring its support behind ordinary athletes in its Greatness Everywhere campaign. I just saw it this morning as the first featured video on Youtube home page and it is pretty cool, with a nice message. Even cooler I am featured at 0:39, I swam all morning under the London Bridge as an extra for the triathlon shot for 1 sec of imagery that was used. It was a neat experience as I am a Huge Olympics fan. Check out the video here.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Final day of Tour de France

Today will be an epic fight for tour pride on the cobbles around the
monuments in Paris. Today I took a ride of my own around Amboise, it
was fun to see villages on a quiet Sunday and have most of the roads
to myself. However I haven't ridden a woman's grocery getter since
college, but it worked well if I exclude the rear brake.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stage 10 TdF

Today we travelled past Macon to jump in front of the tour as it headed south. It was just 45 minutes into the day and the break was just getting established. Sagan was drilling it through the village we were watching from. Sagan dragged Oss with him and the chase was on with another 20 or so. It seemed like less than a minute for each of the three groups to pass, but without timing it you would never know. The excitement was fun, and you could feel the energy of the peleton breeze by. Below is the series of photos of the three groups in reverse order. See who you can recognize. I saw Wiggo, Cav, Griepel and more...

Crazy Advertising Caravan

It get nuts about and hour before the riders arrive. The vehicles defy description so I included a slideshow to show off the energy of madness in the tour. Youtube link to follow.