Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color Selected

I picked a classy color for my vintage Serotta. Not unique or wild but rather timeless. It is a Silver Pearl by 1 Off. Inspiration could have been this gem.
Photobucket Featured at this slideshow. Here is the historical thread about a very unique bike.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It has got to be 1986 or later

This 1985 set of photos of Serotta Catalog show flat crown forks being used, mine is sloping. Seat stays are different. Hmmm

1986 instead?
These photos seem to confirm 1986> I do wonder why no model is on the top tube, maybe this was a custom bike? I need to measure the dims real carefully to check if it strays from documented stock sizes.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Columbus SLX and SPX

I pulled the BB and checked the down tube, seat tube and chainstays how Dave Moulton recommended. 6 raised spirals. It is a dirty job but now the tubing has been revealed.

Check out the vintage Serotta decals on the pearlized white and the ornate lug work. Anyone know what the two tapped holes were used for on the drive side Campagnolo drop out?


Friday, January 08, 2010

Ready to Revive!

Now I have to pick paint. Only two colors came to mind Red or White. But a Red and white replica still is gnawing at me. I would love it if I could pull off a Serotta branded 7-11 replica. Here is a early re-badged Murray version for American Flyers movie. Or a later bike for Bob Roll in 1988, or this True Temper version. I am working on a deciding and getting to work on this. Lucky for me I know somebody that does bike refinishing.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Columbus Forcella Originale

With the CEL and GINA visible on the old fork sticker the second mystery has been revealed. First we know the frame and fork are original. Secondly, the fork sticker has been decoded.


Will the 27.0 seat post reveal anything about the tubing used in this bike? Sheldon Brown had documented Serotta's to take a 27.2 post, but he only had bikes going back to 1994. This bike is 1986ish. Weird...

According to Dave Moulton it is time for me to check the bottom bracket shell.

Dave Moulton
06-02-07, 07:15 AM
Columbus SLX and SPX came out on the mid 1980s, I can’t remember the exact year. It had six raised spiral reinforcements inside the tubes at the butted end of the main tubes. In other words about 4 or 5 inches each end of the top and down tubes and the bottom end only on the seat tube. The chainstays also had the internal spirals at the end nearest the bottom bracket.If you look inside the BB you can see the raised spirals, or you can feel them with your finger. TSX came out a year or two later. The “T” stands for Total and the spirals ran the full length inside the top and down tubes; the seat tube and chainstays remained the same.Prior to the mid 1980s Columbus always had the spiral reinforcements inside the front fork steerer on their SL and SP tubesets. This confuses some people because they look inside the steering tube, see the spirals at the bottom end and assume they have SLX.

Numbers Matching Serotta

Serial number match has been confirmed, pulled the fork and viola 51001. Now who can decipher the remnants of the Columbus decal?


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Serotta, serial #51001


This is what I know 60cm Serotta with 58cm top tube.
  • Cinelli - Made in Italy, cast BB shell
  • Campagnolo dropouts, 126mm spacing
  • Columbus Tubing, which one? don't know 27.0 seatpost was in seat tube
  • Sloping crown fork, not sure if it is numbers matching yet
  • Cable routing is on top of the BB shell
  • Built with Shimano 600EX -6207 with 6208 shifters and RD, most of which are dated to March 1986 with KC production codes
  • Specialized Bar and Stem


Since this bike is my size I decided to test ride it and if all goes well, replace my Fuji and do another Retro-Mod , ala Renaissance Bicycles, with possibly with a 7-11 theme. This bike needs paint and decals bad but I saved it and that makes the rebuild even more fun. My inspiration is a great story I found about another Serotta. If you think you can help me ID this model, tubing and history that would be great. More pics to come once I have it cleaned up.
My Fixie

This bike has been featured before, but this is the 2010 version.
Updates include:
  • New wheels- White Velocity Fusion rims 28H with Miche Primato rear hub and Edco Racer front hub with SAPIM spokes all around.
  • Selle San Marco Ponza saddle
  • 1-Off colored bar, stem and 46T Chainring
  • External Bottom bracket FSA Gossamer
  • KMC custom assembled chain, leftovers from 09 fixie builds
  • Miche Primato cog carrier, Miche Cog and Miche Lockring


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Rides in 2010

I have been meaning to publish a list of my personal rides to mark a moment in time. Since I love building bikes almost as much as riding my bikes change and morph a lot.

So as of this moment. Here is the beginning of a series of what Eric is riding.

1987 Club Fuji Retro Mod classic steel road bike.

61cm frame and fork
Original Components include
Hatta headset, Nitto stem and B115 bar and yellow accented seat post

It looks retro but the drivetrain is mix of modern components.
Dura Ace downtube shifters 9spd
Dura Ace front derailleur
Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur
Wipperman Connex 9spd stainless steel chain
Campagnolo Cenatur external bottom bracket crankset 53/39 in 175mm
Campagnolo Veloce brakeset
Campagnolo Daytona pedals

I modified the rear wheel to keep the 126mm spacing and still use a 9spd cassette, by replacing the rear axle, installing 8/9 speed cassette body and re-dishing the wheel.

But alas this bike may only stay built this way for a short time. I love my steel road bikes, but I just acquired a 1986 Serotta with Columbus tubing that is also in my size. So thoughts of a 7-11 replica bike are dancing in my head.