Friday, February 29, 2008

Brazen Cycleworks changes yet again.

Changes have been brewing for a while around here. I wanted more time to ride and even though I love building bikes, I wanted to focus on my own rides and start something brand new. To do make this change happen I did the following.
  • I donated the remainder of my project bikes(25) to a local co-op builder.
  • Sold some fixed gear project bikes on Phoenix Craigs List, and raised some hell.
  • In the process I found a great home for a XL frame and fork.
Ryan is now taking good care of this frame and fork that eventually sold at $4 classic lugged steel ride and you can watch it mature on his blog.

Here is the Craigs List synopsis for your entertainment.  Each subsequent post was created from a brutal flagging stream the the post generated.  

You must be ----this tall to ride this Fixed gear frame/fork - $220Original Post: $220
Butted and Lugged just like your girlfriend. Willing to come down on price, but I have been advised that higher prices mean more profit so I raised the price to be equivalent to a used Surly. Lighter than a Surly and paint is just as ugly. If you are not over 6 feet tall, then you cannot ride this bike without injuring your bottom bracket or grinding your crank and ball bearings.

If you are short. Do not look at this listing! - $199
Second repost: $199
If you have pants that have a 34" or greater inseam, then good for you. You may also want to build a fixed gear bike as Pants and Bikes go perfectly together. CL Police flagged my overpriced listing so I can now top post with a reduced price that does not violate the secret standards of the watchful and anonymous CL Police. 62cm Schwinn Super Sport with nice flat crown fork. If you were offended by my previous post send me your girlfriend's email an I will apologize to her directly. I am flexible on price as noticed from my reduction from $220 to $199. Keep flagging and see how low I am willing to go.

My sincerest apologies to Phoenix Craigslist - Bicycles - $110
Third repost: $110
Ok, I have been flagged again. So I think an apology could be in order. Except I am not sure who I offended and how. It has to be one of following three reasons. Number One: Offence due to price. If that is the case I have reduced it to half of my earlier listing which I had mentioned I was flexible on. I am not sure what else to do on this cause no one offered me anything, so I don't think this is the reason for flagging. Number Two: Offence due to references to your girlfriend. If that is the case I am sorry. But when you really think about it, I am concerned that you took offence to a generic bike related posting. If you did take offence then maybe your girlfriend resembles the comments I made and I have revealed a grain of truth about your relationship that you had not noticed until now. Either way tell your girlfriend I am sorry for referring to her as double butted and lugged. Number Tree: Offence due to reference to your lack of height. I realize at 6' 4" I look down on most people I meet on a daily basis. The thing is I just got the genes for height, just like you got shafted and need to find a 48cm bike with no toe overlap. You probably got the genes for something else that is good, so if you are not in a experimental medical research study consider yourself lucky and get on with life. If you are in a medical research study my thoughts go out to you and I hope you didn't get the placebo version.

Fourth repost: $55
You brought this on yourself. I tried to apologize and you said it was 'too late to apologize'. I can be the bigger man, clearly I am already the taller man. So I am reposting and lowering my price as I promised. I do find it interesting that you are willing to flag me but not to email me about why you are flagging me. I tried to understand you, but you left me no choice.

Here we go again...It is a new day on Phoenix Craigslist- Bicycles - $22Fifth repost: $22
Ok it must have been the price, but I lowered the price. It is 90% off the original price. In Furniture Sales lingo this is a LAST CHANCE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS CLEARANCE PRESIDENT'S DAY BLOWOUT NOTHING HELD BACK SALE. Maybe folks thought this listing was for frame and fork only. That is NOT correct. The price also includes a anatomic handlebar, notice I didn't talk about your girlfriend again. It also includes as stem, aero style brake levers, headset, the seatpost is not usuable and needs to be removed from the frame. The bike is still lighter than a Surly and paint is just as ugly, I stand by this 100%. I know someone wants this frame and awesome fork, hopefully the price is right, we are getting close to 24 Pack of longnecks pricing.

XL Fixed Gear Frame and Fork Get it quick! - $11
Sixth repost: $11
This will not be posted for long, due to the further reduced price and due to the fact I am the most hated, most despised, most disrespected, most threatening person to ever use CL PHX. This is my sixth posting and below is an properly censored and edited version of a response from a detractor. YOUR A * *! I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR * YOU * * *! YOUR BIKE IS WORTH * LIKEE THE 1" * YOU * ON! LOOK ME UP I'M NOT HARD FIND! Aaron ebaymember76 Yeah, "real easy" to find. You are doing a great moderation of a public forum by the way. Kudos to you on revealing your "true self" and your personal "tendancies" that are quite noteworthy. Cheers
Numero Siete- Artes fijos bicicleta - $5
Seventh repost: $5
I am the most hated, most despised, most disrespected, most threatening person to ever use CL PHX. You probably don't want to meet me as I ride by let alone buy anything from me. But in the case you want to take a risk and spend $5 on a XL Conversion Project Fixed gear frame(62cm), then send me your phone number in email.
Broken and Rusted NEXT Mountain Bike - $4Eighth and Final repost: $4
OK. You looked at the pictures below and recognized I am not really selling a broken NEXT Mountain Bike. The real story is below. There are some people out there that are persistently flagging my attempts to sell a white conversion fixed gear frame and fork. I am not a bad person but even posting my listing in Spanish didn't help. If you have suggestions on how I should sell this XL bike, please email me. Thanks.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A Long Damn Time.

That is what it has been, since I posted bikes I have been working on. Drought, Dry Spell ... well truth be told I really didn't feel like blogging. Until today. I had been injured and not riding from August through November. But riding in December and January got me my MOJO back. Speaking of MOJO, look what Feb 1st brought Jason's 'new' Gitane Professional Fixed Gear.
  • Reynolds 531c Special butted tubing with lugged construction
  • Brazen Cycleworks custom Yellow Deep V track wheelset
  • Octalink Ultegra crank with 52x17 gearing with Milwalkee track cog
  • Bullhorn bars with Cello bar wrap
  • San Marco Rolls saddle with Simplex post

Keep rollin offline, -Eric