Wednesday, July 11, 2007

64 Green Monster Fixxie

Fixxed. It is the way your great great great grandfather would have ridden. And if was good enhough for him it is damn good enough for you. Where's your bloomers? 64x62 with 52x17 old school 70's steel. Bar spin like Kevin Bacon.


adam brown said...
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Princess Bagel said...

I have the same bike frame, and I can't fit my new front wheel on there because its too big for the drop outs. How did you fit it on the drop outs?

Eric said...

Well it is either too wide, whereas you need to remove some of the hub washers. Or, you are saying the axle is too large a diameter for the drop out, this sometimes happens with 70's bikes when you are not using the original wheels. Try using a fine round file to carefully remove just enough metal to allow the axle to fit. It is a bit dangerous to file on a dropout because they can break, but usually it is such a small amount of material you can get away with it. Good Luck and Happy Building!