Friday, May 11, 2012

Ronde de SanTandria

This ride circumnavigates the San Tan Mountains.  The effort required is not reflected in the mileage.  It was the best I ride I could find to make a Gilbert version of the Tour of Flanders.  It has 4 miles of dirt "road" riding [bring your 25 tires or bigger] which includes 2 gate crossings, 3 deep sand washes, one pissed off Pitbull, a nice sector of 50s era asphalt pave, and no place to refill your water bottles.   Starts and finishes at Focus Cyclery and would probably exactly 50 miles if you take safer roads.  Hands: Numb, Feet: Asleep, Butt: Unhappy, Smile: Unrestrained.

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