Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is 25c the MAGIC width?

I migrated slowly in 2011 from 23c tires, to the Continental Gran Prix 24c tires and loved them.  The comfort and confidence on rough pavement made them a great choice for El Tour de Tucson.  When it was time to replace them I wondered if even wider would be better.  Michelin Pro Race 3 in 25c went on and I haven't been happier.  I used them in Tour de Mesa and had a great result.  I was descending on Shea at a very high rate of speed when the guy in front of me lead me into a big pot hole.  The impact was violent, and I even sat up momentarily thinking double flats might be possible.  But NOTHING!  Now it looks like the Pros are getting the word too. 

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