Monday, May 14, 2007

Carbon Neutral Fixxie
Hey you! Yeah you, Mr. Snug driving your holier than thou Prius, well I got something that will blow your mind. No it is not Al Gore's $20,000 electric bill. It is this here bicycle, yeah it's fixed and carbon neutral. No coasting so no energy is wasted, can't say the same for your infinitely adjustable personal chilled air vents. Yeah I ride for fitness, fun, transportation and because I'm better than you. Let's see for $300, you get 100 gallons of gas, at 20 miles to gallon that is... carry the 2...2000 miles, maybe 2 months of driving left while I'll still be zipping by you while stuck in traffic and saving my green for some new hemp riding shorts, enjoy "oil suckers".

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