Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am 40.  I am dealing with it.  I raced a triathlon in October and got 4th in my Age Group.  Honestly, I wanted to race and finish in the top ten overall, I finished 21st.  My time was 1:11 and my goal was 1:09.  I realize I have some work to do to hold the aging at bay.

When training for the 2006 Arizona Ironman, I was focused, driven and very happy.  My body weight was in 180s not the current 200s. I am registered to run the 20+ Ragnar Relay in 2011, but that is it.

Not anymore.  I am dedicating my self to super fitness in 2011.  An that means chasing a goal I have had for over 18 years.  The Tour de Tucson is one of the country's largest century rides and I intend to capture their highest award, the Platnium award.

I first did this ride in 1989.   It was on a mountain bike with a group of guys from the Cochise dorm. We were self supported, and riding together took 9:45.  The following year I used a road bike and fell in love with the event and road racing.  I have finished every time I have toed the starting line, but have never finished under 5 hours and earned the highest award.

I was as close as 5 minute sfrom my goal.  In that year course was re-routed an extra 4 miles to a 113 miles. My speed of 21.8 would have yielded a platnium award on any route that was 109 miles.   My plan is to use my blog to chart my training to conquer the course.  Last year 423 riders of the 3630 entrants in the 109 mile event earned their platnium. 

Now, it is my turn.

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