Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Ghost Bianchi

Well this bike is a last of sorts. Spring has sprung and weather is too good to not be riding, so I'm backing off bike building volume to a trickle. This beauty just snook out of the shop. The original decals had deteriorated so I removed them to reveal a beautiful feature of UV radiation and the Ghost Bianchi was born. This giant bike(63cmX57cm) is a bit of an enigma, imagined in the minds of Italian grandparents, born from Japanese craftsmen, and raised in the United States. I took the bike to a new place and I hope Edoardo would be proud.

  • Spade cutouts on headtube lugs and seat lugs
  • Ishiwata double butted tubes, stays and forks. domo ari gato!
  • Piaggio decals, this noted on the top tube as a 'Special' edition ride
  • Pantographed flat crown Bianchi fork
  • New Performance GT tires and commuter friendly tubes
  • Sakae Post, Bar and Crank with 42T ring
  • Araya rims with SUZUE 36H hubs
  • Italian Hertitage with true Japanese build
  • Shimano front brake with trackie style bar wrap
  • Don't miss the signature Bianchi dropouts and Bianchi detailed headset

Can you see it? It is there. Or is it?

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