Saturday, March 31, 2007

Black is the new black.
"Yo! Yeah you! Oh, you think you are too good to talk to me?" "Just because your replaceable carbon fiber derailleur hanger retails for $300, doesn't mean you are better than me. How about a quick sprint through the park there 'Coasty', what your 20 speed drivetrain and your carbon fiber brake levers too fragile?" "Oh, you don't hop over curbs? What can you do?" "Oh great, wow you are 15.4 lbs. I have rear tires heavier than you." Where is the heart, where is your soul? Well I gotta roll my master is grinning and you know what that means...oh, you don't. Well let me explain it, the only carbon on my rides is the breath of my master, and I will have him gasping in no time."
  • Black Schwinn World with gold highlighted lugs
  • Taiwan made 72/72 parallel geometry, 62cm
  • Simple fun with no attitude, other than the 'Brazen' one

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