Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shimano Flight Deck Computer for your fixie.
I was curious to see if I could set up a Flightdeck computer on my commuter fixie. I came up with a great way to make this happen for less than $20. I took the computer off my road bike and reprogrammed it so that large chainring and rear cog were the first gears on the display, and put in random stuff for the other gears. I then took an XTR sensor kit and installed it on my bike. The XTR kit has shifter connection sensors that can be twisted to read your CORRECT gear on the computer. Then it just takes mounting the button pad and hiding the gear sensors under the bar. This approach would work with single speed as well and give you a virtual cadence with single speed drivetrain or true cadence with fixed gear. Cool Huh! I have the sensor wiring kits available for $16.99 which does not include the computer.

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