Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm still building Fixed Gear Bikes

Below is my latest collaboration with my brother-in-law at 1-Off Powder Coating. We share a similar vision of getting bikes back on the road. It used to be that I would never change the original paint on bikes I built. The negatives were the environmental impact, time, effort and results that could be acheived with paint. Dale at 1-Off Powder Coating changed all of that. Powder Coating is environmentally friendly, can be done quickly for single color jobs, requires blasting prep but yields a hard and durable finish that looks simply amazing. Check out this gallery of just a small portion of his work.

Well this bike is somewhere between Orange Crush and Eddy Merckx Molteni Orange, the power color is called poppy orange.

Large Taiwanese double butted and lugged steel frame and fork
All Aluminum crank, chainring, bar, post and stem
Shimano 130 BCD crank with 170mm arms with Stronglight Chainring
Geared for speed 56x17, equivalent to 49x15 but looks much cooler
Custom Brazen Cycleworks track wheelset
  • Velocity Aero rims, not as tall as Deep Vs with rounded profile, much lighter still plenty durable
  • Sapim 14G Leader spokes in black
  • Sapim Polyax black brass nipples
  • Custom 2 cross lacing on front and 3 cross lacing on rear
  • Fixed/Fixed Formula rear hub



Doug said...

Hey Eric, looks nice (geared way too big for me though ;^) Did you guys coat the stem? How does that work, does it still slide into the steerer okay?


Eric said...

Geared too Big? Doug, Grow a pair... Thighs that is. Stems need special care and yes that Wet Black is coated, you can ease up on the coating lower you go down where coverage is not needed, the thickness works well on the parts finished so far.